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The Hazlet Environmental Commission (HEC) is an advisory body, comprised of Township residents, appointed by the Mayor. The responsibilities of the HEC are to:
  • Maintain an inventory of open space properties, publicly or privately owned, in the township
  • Maintain an inventory of natural and environmental resources in the township
  • Design, construct, and maintain trails on township properties and conduct public walks on these trails
  • Publicize Environmental Commission activities and accomplishments 
  • Identify, research, and advise the Mayor and Township Committee on environmental issues that may affect the township and/or its residents
  • Review the Master Plan and make recommendations to the Land Use Board
Funding for the Environmental Commission is appropriated by the Township Committee as part of the Township's annual budget. In addition, the Commission may apply for grants from the state and other sources to fund specific projects.
In 1968, the NJ State Legislature passed a law authorizing municipalities to set up a commission that would be an advisory body on natural resource planning and protection and open space issues. In 1972 the State Legislature amended the law, expanding the commission’s responsibilities to other areas of environmental concern, including pollution prevention and control, solid waste management, noise control and environmental appearance. The Hazlet Environmental Commission (HEC), was established by the Township Committee in 1982.


Environmental Commission


Environmental Commission Term
Chairman: Chris Cullen 2017-2019
Vice Chair: Barbara Lejda 2017-2019
Judy Mescal 12/31/19
Ron Dente 12/31/21
Barbara Lejda 12/31/20
Chris Cullen 12/31/19
Eugene Geer 12/31/21
Rosemary Mazza 12/31/20
Daniel Nothstein 12/31/20
Alternate Commissioners  
Bob Friesendorf – Alt #1 12/31/20
Margaret Casagrande – Alt #2 12/31/19
Beth Christopher - Secretary  
Township Comm. Liaison  
Mayor Scott Aagre  
Committeewoman Tara Clark  
2019 Meeting Dates:
Meetings are the first Monday of the Month  ( *Second Monday of the Month) 
7:30pm Hazlet Town Hall 1766 Union Ave.
January 7
February 4
March 4
April  1
May 6
*June 10
July 1
August 5
*September 9
October 7
*November 18
December 2
January 6, 209 - Reorganization Meeting

New Jersey has had some heavy rains this summer, so our thoughts may not be turning to water conservation. However, since water is a precious natural resource, it's always a good time to conserve!  The site below provides many useful tips to help you save water both inside and outside your home.  
Be a water saver and remember- EVERY DROP COUNTS!

Mosquito and Tick Information

With the mild winter comes a surge of various insect-related issues this summer, especially in wooded and grassy areas. Mosquitos and Ticks are at the top of most concerns. Visit Monmouth Counties’ website at the below link; it’s a significant resource center and contains relevant information and services.


Literature download:

Protect your family…
What to do if you find a tick…

The Zika virus has been in the news.  The virus is transmitted through a bite from an infected mosquito. Not all mosquitoes can transmit Zika virus or any mosquito-borne disease. There are many factors that make the transmission of Zika unlikely in our area.  However, being vigilant about controlling mosquito growth is good practice at all times.

To learn more about the health aspect of Zika virus, visit the following Web site or call 1-800-962-1253.


Natco Park 

Download the Natco Park Booklet by clicking this link or booklet icon.

Natco Park has been cited by the Audubon Society and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for its
extraordinary collection of plants and wildlife. Click here to download a brochure and map

Nature walks with a knowledgeable environmental guide are available by request and open to scout
and other groups as well as the general public. Please call to make appointments.

Composting demonstrations and information available.

Volunteers/Guests are welcome to attend our meetings and events.

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