Recyclables in plastic bags will no longer be accepted

Dear Hazlet Township Residents

Hazlet Township has been notified by the Monmouth County Reclamation and Recycling Center that Recyclables in plastic bags will no longer be accepted. In turn the Hazlet Township Department of Public Works will no longer accept recyclables in plastic bags of any kind or color during curbside pickup or at our recycling drop off center. This includes co-mingled, bottles & cans, and shredded paper. Shredded paper can be placed curbside in paper bags. Co-mingled should be placed inside of your green recycling container free from plastic bags or any other contaminates.
Hazlet Township as well as our neighboring communities throughout Monmouth County will be subject to having our Recyclable materials rejected by the end user if the practice of plastic bagging is not ended.

Below is a list of recyclables that can be placed inside of your recycling container for curbside pickup.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Hazlet Township


The following items and ONLY the following items may be placed in the container and placed curbside for collection.

*   Aluminum soda and beer cans.
*   Bimetal cat/dog food cans, soup cans and vegetable cans.
*   Glass Bottles and Jars consist of three colors; green, brown, and clear.
*   Plastic Containers as in soda, milk, water, and laundry detergent bottles