Roadway Restoration Program

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Hazlet Township - Roadway Restoration Program

The Township has identified 110 municipal roads to include in a new long term road restoration project. Identified roads have been compiled into potential work zones labeled “A – K” below.  

Note: this listing is not in any particular order of construction and not all streets in the Township requiring repair or improvement are contained within this specific project list. Road repairs, road evaluations and future road projects are an ongoing municipal activity where there is no true beginning or actual end date. 

We intend to take a neighborhood by neighborhood approach with continued detailed analysis and restoration work being performed in various phases; subject to seasonal variations, secured funding, grant requirements and successful project awards to the lowest responsible bidder.


Click here for a map of identified roads within this new comprehensive program and proposed restoration zones. 

Roadway Restoration Program

Section A

Street Name From To
Barrier Drive Coral Drive Beers Street
Beers Street 537 Beers Street Clark St.
Clark Street Parkway Approach Lloyd Road
Coral Drive Clark Street Barrier Drive
Garden Terrace Coral Drive Beers Street
Line Road Bethany Road 90" turn in roadway
Parkview Terrace Beers Street Coral Drive
Phyllis Street Clark Street Dead End

Section B

Street Name From To
Bayview Avenue Park Avenue Dead End
Bedle Road Beers Street 25 Bedle Rd
Bedle Road NJSH 35 Cul-De-Sac
Chestnut Drive Knoll Terrace Cul-De-Sac
Knoll Terrace Holmdel Road Peach Drive
Knoll Terrace Peach Drive Chestnut Drive
Linda Place Beers Street RoseMary Place
Maple Drive Van Meter Terrace NJSH 35
Park Avenue New York Avenue Bayview Avenue
Peach Drive Knoll Terrace Bedle Road
RoseMary Drive Beers Street Parkview Drive
Stevens Place Rutgers Street Cul-De-Sac
Van Mater Terrace Hazlet Avenue Maple Avenue

Section C

Street Name From To
Beers Street Bethany Road 644 Beers Street
Beers Street 644 Beers Street NJ Transit Tracks
Bethany Road NJ Transit Tracks NJSH 35
Bethany Road 42 Bethany Road NJ Transit Tracks
Bethany Road 98 Bethany Road Old Manor Road
Bethany Road Kaylen Place Beers Street
Coach Drive Middle Road Cul-De-Sac
Craig Street Bethany Road Bethany Road
Kaylen Place Bethany Road Webster Drive
Marc Street Craig Street Craig Street
Surrey Drive Coach Road Cul-De-Sac
Webster Drive Bethany Road Dead End

Section D

Street Name From To
Florence Avenue Stone Road Middle Road
Highland Avenue Stone Road Willow Drive
Oak Street Highland Avenue Dead End
Willow Street Florence Avenue Dead End

Section E

Street Name From To
Copperfield Court Tall Oaks Drive Cul-De-Sac
Franciscan Way Fulton Place Poole Ave
Fulton Place Fieldcrest Way Tall Oaks Dr.
Garrison Drive Randolph Place Franciscan Way
Hogarth Street Garrison Drive Cul-De-Sac
Poole Avenue 779 Poole Avenue NJSH 36
Randolph Place Fulton Place Franciscan Way

Section F

Street Name From To
Appleton Drive Lynn Boulevard Union Avenue
Birch Avenue Monmouth Street Spruce Street
Buttonwood Place Hemlock Street Appleton Drive
Fir Place Mountain Avenue Spruce Street
Hemingway Drive Lynn Boulevard Cove Road
Hemlock Street NJSH 36 Union Avenue
Lynn Boulevard Appleton Drive Mountain Avenue
Monmouth Street Mountain Avenue Hemlock Street
Mountain Avenue Hemlock Street Appleton Drive
Rochelle Drive Tara Lin Drive Tara Lin Drive
Spruce Street Mountain Avenue Appleton Drive
Tara Lin Drive Lynn Boulevard Cul-De-Sac

Section G

Street Name From To
Central Avenue Eight Street Eleventh Street
Eighth Street Laurel Avenue North Dead End
Eleventh Street Central Avenue Tenth Street
Fifth Street North Park Avenue Dead End
Fourth Street North Park Avenue Laurel Avenue
Ninth Street Laurel Avenue Central Avenue
Ninth Street Thirteenth Street Laurel Avenue
North Park Avenue First Street Fifth Street
Seventh Street Laurel Avenue South Dead End
Tenth Street County Bridge R-13 Eleventh Street
Tenth Street Eleventh Street Central Avenue
Thirteenth Street Ninth Street NJSH 36 off ramp
Twelfth Street Ninth Street Holly Avenue

Section H

Street Name From To
Adams Place Hazel Place South Laurel Avenue
Annette Court Miriam Place Frances Place
Frances Place Gibson Drive Lillian Drive
Franklin Avenue NJSH 36 Dead End
Greenway Street Gibson Drive Lillian Drive
Helfrich Lane South Laurel Avenue 33 Helfrich Lane
Laurel Avenue Lillian Drive Marsand Drive
Leocadia Court 35 Leocadia Court End
Liberty Place Sydney Terrace End
Lillian Drive South Laurel Avenue End
Marsand Drive Azee Drive South Laurel Avenue
Miriam Place Gibson Drive Lillian Drive
Rapelye Place South Laurel Avenue Liberty Pl.
Region Drive Lisa Drive Cul-De-Sac

Section I

Street Name From To
California Avenue Ohio Drive Middle Road
Coleridge Avenue Virginia Avenue Nevada Drive
Colorado Drive Michigan Avenue California Avenue
Creek Road Virginia Avenue Kentucky Drive
Crescent Place Virginia Avenue Cul-De-Sac
Hilltop Place Monterey Drive Dead End
Irwin Place Brookside Avenue Lynn Boulevard
Irwin Place Lynn Boulevard Coleridge Avenue
Kentucky Drive Michigan Avenue Cul-De-Sac
Lynn Boulevard Middle Road Appleton Drive
Michigan Avenue Middle Road Vermont Drive
Nevada Drive Lynn Boulevard Coleridge Avenue
Ohio Drive Michigan Avenue Virginia Avenue
Oregon Avenue Raritan Road Middle Road
Roland Place Monterey Drive Coleridge Avenue
Vermont Drive Virginia Avenue Terminus
Virginia Avenue Lynn Boulevard East Creek Road
Virginia Avenue Middle Road East Creek Road
Winthrop Place Brookside Avenue Middle Road
Wyoming Drive Virginia Avenue Michigan Avenue

Section J

Street Name From To
Amherst Lane Middle Road Annapolis Drive
Annapolis Drive Fleetwood Drive Stanford Drive
Bucknell Drive Fleetwood Drive Annapolis Drive
Colgate Court Annapolis Drive Cul-De-Sac
Lafayette Drive Fleetwood Drive Annapolis Drive

Section K

Street Name From To
Bromley Drive Middle Road Calt Drive
Calt Drive Bromley Drive 25 Calt Drive
Cornell Drive Dartmouth Drive 39 Cornell Drive
Cornell Drive 39 Cornell Drive Dartmouth Drive
Cornell Drive 39 Cornell Drive Fleetwood Drive
Croman Court Poole Road Croman Court
Dartmouth Drive Middle Road Cornell Drive
Duke Lane Cornell Drive Fleetwood Drive
Fleetwood Drive Middle Road NJSH 35
Georgetown Lane Cornell Drive Fleetwood Drive
Kailley Court Hazlet Avenue Cul-De-Sac
Kingsbridge Court Poole Road Cul-De-Sac
Mason Drive Lammers Street Poole Avenue
Willow Brook Drive Hazlet Avenue Mason Street

Current Program Activities

NEW - Fleetwood Drive Section

Streets include: Fleetwood Drive, Dartmouth Drive, Cornell Drive, Duke Lane, Georgetown Lane and Colgate Court

Engineer estimate $2,026,700.00. Funding underway – final stages of bond approval.

Design specifications to commence shortly with a public bid thereafter.


NEW - Beers Street

From Clark Street to Bethany Road. NJDOT Grant application in progress.

Engineer estimate: $622,753.75


New - Road Analysis

All existing municipal roads are currently being evaluated and their conditions rated under nationally recognized standards. This evaluation work has been awarded to T&M Engineers and Roadbotics. T&M will perform field analysis of the roadways and Roadbotics will provide a digital analysis of all roads in ten-foot intervals using newer technology with artificial intelligence. The field inspection results and digital data collected will be combined with existing data to prioritize continued road work.

Status: underway - analysis to be completed in October 2019.


Section J (revised)
Road Restoration Phase 1 – NJNG: $2,169,500.00. 

Amherst, Annapolis, Bucknell, Lafayette & Stanford Drive. Restoration substantially completed.


Section E
Engineer estimate: $2,169,500.00. Status – project awarded. Work in progress - subject to weather.


Section B
Engineer estimate: $2,534,500.00. Status - project awarded. Work in progress in conjunction with Section E progress - subject to weather.


Bethany Road:
Engineer estimate: $411,556.25. Status – project awarded; work to commence shorty by contractor upon their completion of Lynn Boulevard work.


Lynn Boulevard - expanded scope of work. Est. cost: $800,000.00. Asphalt restoration now included from middle road to mountain Avenue in addition to concrete work already underway. Status – Work in progress.


Funding source: Capital bond
Estimated bond total - $5,565,556.25 


Funding source: Capital bond
Estimated bond total - $3,000,000.00 
Status: Introduced, public hearing completed – final vote 8/20/19.

Grants Received

$185,000 - Lynn Blvd Bethany road
$329,000 - Park Ave & Franciscan way
$137,000 - W. Susan, W.Richard & Lorraine Place
$250,000 – Laurel Avenue Phase IV

Grants Pending

CDBG & NJDOT applications in progress

Other Projects

Curbs & drainage - $508,805.00
  • West Susan Street – Work Completed
  • West Richard Street – Work Completed
  • Lorraine Place – Work Completed