Department Overview

The Finance Department is responsible for managing all financial matters within the Township including:

  • Financial Administration
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Sewer Collection
  • Tax Assessment and Tax Collection
  • Debt Service and Capital Plan
  • Fixed Asset (inventory) Accounting
  • Investment of Township Funds

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to processing financial transactions, the Finance Department is also responsible for:

  • Monitoring compliance with the many state and federal laws and regulations governing municipal finance
  • Internal and external financial reporting (Annual Budget, Annual Financial Statement, Annual Debt Statement)
  • Preparation of other analyses of expenditures and revenues as requested throughout the year by the Township Committee and Township Administrator.

Bill Processing

A purchase order must be completed prior to any purchase. Upon delivery of the goods or service, the vendor should submit an invoice. The Finance Department will review the invoice for accuracy prior to processing payment.

Payment requests are placed on the Township Committee Meeting Agenda for approval. The purchase order must be received by the Finance Department at least 10 days prior to the next Township Committee Meeting to ensure payment.

Vendor Requirements

All vendors are required to submit the following documentation to the Finance Department in order to do business with the Township:

o    W9 - To verify tax identification

o    Business Registration Certificate - Also known as a BRC. In addition to the Township, enrollment is required by the State of New Jersey for all vendors doing business in New Jersey. There is no cost associated with this registration.