Hazlet Alliance

The Hazlet Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Awareness


The purpose of the Hazlet Alliance is to work with the community to reduce substance use disorders such as illicit drug use, prescription drug misuse, underage drinking, vaping and disorders related to the use of alcohol, marijuana and tobacco. It also aims to promote mental well-being.  

The Alliance may work in partnership with community leaders, school staff, law enforcement, business groups, residents, and professional health care organizations and experts. to increase awareness, education, programming and resource-sharing.  

In alignment with the latest data, statistics and trends, the Alliance may identify and develop appropriate and effective programs for the community and specifically for K-12 schools and parents. 

The Alliance will work to reduce the stigmas surrounding substance use disorders and/or mental health disorders to encourage those affected to seek support resources and treatment. 


The location is Town Hall second floor conference room or main meeting room.  In addition, a link will be provided to attend the meeting virtually, via Zoom. Always check the meeting calendar for any changes.

January 25, 2023 at 7:00 pm  - Reorganization 2023

Visit the Hazlet Alliance Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram for current announcements, information, and photos of our prevention education, and awareness initiatives.