Uniform Construction Code

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Mission Statement

To ensure public safety, health and welfare through regulated construction activities and administration of the Uniform Construction Code Act provisions within our jurisdiction. 

Hazlet Township Construction Department is a Class 1 Agency established and authorized to administer all aspects of the States Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Act - P.L. 1975, c.217, as amended.

The Department performs plan review and inspection of regulated construction work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the UCC. The Township does not amend these State rules at the local level; existing buildings are regulated in accordance with the Rehabilitation Subcode NJAC 5:23-6.

The Department encourages innovation and economy in construction; welcomes the use of new materials; allows alternative methods and system types, including premanufactured components and elements consistent with the adopted codes, national standards, published evaluations and manufacture specifications or listings by applying reasonable requirements for health, safety and welfare of the intended use and occupants.

We eliminate duplication of administrative effort and fees in the review of construction plans, issuance of construction permits and the inspection of regulated construction wherever possible. Permit applications, construction plans and projects which meet the minimum requirements of the UCC rules and regulations are released and approved without any additional Township requirements imposed.

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