Clean Communities


The Litter Bug 

Coming to a park near you: the new Hazlet Clean Communities Litter Bug! Purchased in spring 2021 for $9,100 with Clean Communities grants, the 4-wheel drive Kawasaki Mule SX with hitch will be used by Clean Communities coordinator Ron Dente to clear trails, haul items and transport materials for repairs. "It really is going to help clean up Natco Park a lot," said Dente. "Now during clean-ups, volunteers can fill bags and leave them for pick up instead of hauling heavy bags." 

There is another advantage too. In winter, the Litter Bug can be used by first responders to access people needing help in areas inaccessible to ambulances. This happened last winter, when two children were hurt sleigh riding in Natco Park. 

The vehicle will be parked securely in the new Natco Environmental Building at 399 Middle Road.

About Clean Communities

Hazlet Clean Communities is the township' s litter-abatement program. Cleanup, enforcement and education are goals of the program. 

The Clean Communities program holds events throughout the year to pick up litter in Hazlet Township. 

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On March 13, 2021, there was a clean-up around Natco Lake Park, located behind the Gramercy at Lakeside Manor on Route 36. Clean Communities leader Ron Dente was joined by members of the Hazlet Environmental Commission, Save Coastal Wildlife, Americorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors and the Boy Scouts.


To volunteer for one of our boards or commissions, please contact Ron Dente using this email form.