James "Skip" McKay, Committeeman

Committee Term: 2022-2024

Appointed to the following Standing Committees: 

  • Board of Education
  • Environmental Commission & Green Team
  • Swim Club

Liaison to: 

  • Fire Department
  • First Aid
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Hazlet PTOs

James "Skip" McKay

James “Skip” McKay III was elected to the Town Committee to serve a 3-year term in 2019 and re-elected in 2021 for an additional term. He is a Republican. He served on the town’s Land Use Board prior to his election and continues to serve as a member of the Hazlet First Aid and Rescue Squad. 

Skip’s family first moved to Hazlet (then Raritan Township) in 1959. His father James McKay Jr. was elected to the Township Committee in 1965. His father passed away in 1966 at a charity softball game having only served 7 months as a Committeeman. 

Skip earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Rutgers College in 1977 and an MBA from the Rutgers Graduate School of Business in 1978. He graduated from Raritan High School in 1970 and served in the US Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team #21 and SEAL Team Two. He remains active in the mentoring of young men seeking to become Navy SEALs as well as the Navy SEAL Foundation and the UDT SEAL Association.

He has had a long career as a senior executive at GE Capital and a number of hedge funds concluding alternative investments. He is currently CEO of Cumberland River Financial Group, a commercial lending business.  His philanthropic ventures include the chairmanship of the Work First Foundation in NYC which has been lauded as the preeminent, not-for-profit organization for assisting people to find employment where they had previously had to rely upon government assistance.  During his tenure, Work First assisted many thousands of people to achieve financial independence through employment across the country.  

Skip married his high school sweetheart, Alma  "nee" Conroy (RHS 1971) who passed away in 2017. He has three children Deanna, Jennifer and Dan. He lives in the Fleetwood Park section of town. 


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