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Road Reconstruction Program

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All existing municipal roads in Hazlet have been evaluated and their conditions rated under nationally recognized standards. This evaluation work is done by T&M Engineers and is used to prioritize road work. 

The Township has identified municipal roads to include in a new long term road restoration project.  Identified roads have been compiled into potential work zones labeled "A through K." 

Note: This listing is not in any particular order of construction and not all streets in the Township requiring repair or improvement are contained within this specific project list. Road repairs, road evaluations and future road projects are an ongoing municipal activity where there is no true beginning or actual end date.

About the Program

We intend to take a neighborhood by neighborhood approach with continued detailed analysis and restoration work being performed in various phases; subject to seasonal variations, secured funding, grant requirements and successful project awards to the lowest responsible bidder.

Helpful Resources

View a map of identified roads (PDF) within this new comprehensive program and proposed restoration zones. 

Grants Received

  • Bethany Road $270,000
  • Lynn Boulevard Bethany Road: $185,000
  • Park Avenue and Franciscan Way: $329,000
  • West Susan, West Richard and Lorraine Place: $137,000
  • Laurel Avenue Phase IV: $250,000

Other Projects

  • Curbs and Drainage - $508,805
  • West Susan Street - Work Completed
  • West Richard Street - Work Completed
  • Lorraine Place - Work Completed