History of Hazlet

175th Proclamation
At a ceremony on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at Town Hall, Hazlet Township's Mayor Michael C. Sachs marked the township's 175th Anniversary with the reading of a Proclamation recognizing Hazlet's origins. Our anniversary year will continue with special events planned for Fourth of July, Hazlet Day, a history discussion series at the James J. Cullen Center and a special display of historic artifacts at Town Hall.   

Anniversary - Sachs Reading Proclamation

Here is the Proclamation: 


Whereas, on February 25, 1848, the settlements of Hazlet, North Centerville, West Keansburg and other hamlets were set off from greater Middletown by the New Jersey State Legislature to create a new political entity called the "Township of Raritan,"; and 

Whereas, in the nineteenth century, this land was rich farmland, and farmers transported their crops by horse and wagon to sell to the steamships at the Raritan Bay docks; and after a New York & Long Branch Railroad stop was established in 1875, they shipped their fresh asparagus, peaches, peppers and canned tomatoes to the city; and  

Whereas, in the 1930s, clay beds were mined for fire bricks by the National Fireproofing Company until one day underground springs filled the pits with fresh water, which became mixed with salt water, and created a rare natural refuge for migrating birds, fish and wildlife by Route 36 we now call Natco Lake; and 

Whereas our township has been strengthened by many great families who contributed to our community, from the volunteer firemen, First Aid and Police who formed companies in the first half of the 1900s, and by those who fought to preserve our nation in the Civil War, the World Wars and some who gave their own lives; and  

Whereas, in the 1960s our town grew rapidly into a booming suburban community of over 20,000 residents, lured by the promise of suburban life, neighborhood schools, a municipal pool complex, bustling shopping centers and easy proximity to the metropolitan area and Jersey Shore; and  

Whereas, after spinning off the municipalities of Holmdel, Matawan Keyport, Union Beach and Keansburg over the years, the citizens of Raritan Township in 1967 voted to rename their home Hazlet Township, after the longtime name of their train stop on Holmdel Road, in order to distinguish their Monmouth County town from other municipalities with the same name; 

Now, Therefore, I, Michael C. Sachs, Mayor of Hazlet Township, do hereby proclaim the year 2023 as the 175th anniversary of Hazlet Township. Let us all take a moment to reflect on the history of our township, celebrate its growth, and recommit ourselves to building a strong, vibrant, and sustainable community for the next 175 years.


Michael C. Sachs, Mayor of Hazlet Township