Hazlet Township Library Commission

Commission MEETINGS

At 7:30 pm at Hazlet Library Main Room, 251 Middle Road unless noted. Please always check the Meeting Calendar for dates. 

  • February 7,  2022 (This meeting will be at Town Hall, Recreation office)
  • March 14,  2022
  • April 11,  2022
  • May 16,  2022
  • June 15,  2022
  • July 2022 - No meeting
  • August 2022 - No meeting
  • September 28,  2022 Rescheduled to Sept. 26
  • October 26,  2022 Rescheduled to Oct. 24
  • November 2022- No meeting
  • December 7,  2022


Chris McManus, President, (2022-2024)
Mary Beth Walsh, Vice President (Term ends 2022)
Tanya Moore, Treasurer (Term ends 2023)
Ursula Glackin, Secretary (Term ends 2022)
Carol Eusebi, Commissioner (Term ends 2023)
Tricia Sheldrick, Commissioner (Term ends 2022)
Laura Bibb, Commissioner, (Term ends 2023)

Vacant, Liaison to the Township Committee - 2022
Mary Patterson, Librarian


The Hazlet Township Library Commission is an advisory body to the Township Committee. It is comprised of nine citizens and residents, which includes one member of the Township Committee. Members are appointed by the Mayor. We appreciate our volunteers. To participate, please fill out this form.


Funding for the Library Commission is appropriated by the Hazlet Township Committee as part of the Township’s annual budget. In addition, the Commission may apply for grants from the state, county, and other sources to fund specific projects. The Commission may also offer used book sales in the spring, early summer and in the fall. 


The Hazlet Township Library Commission was established by the Township Committee in 1982.