Honor Hazlet Heroes


hazlet's patriotism on display

The Township of Hazlet, in partnership with Hazlet PBA 189 and VFW Post 4303, is proud to present a spectacular outdoor banner display called "Honor Hazlet Heroes." Banners honoring our township men and women who are actively serving in the military, who have served honorably and who gave their lives in service, were installed in time for our annual Memorial Day ceremony at the park. The banners will be displayed Memorial Day through Veterans Day 2021 on the lamp posts at Veterans Park, next to Town Hall. 
The banners list the name of the individual and years they served in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines (WWII) or Women Air Force Service Pilots (WWII). They are all members of the Hazlet family, past and present, and we are proud to salute them.
The park is open to all, and the banners may be visited on foot or by car. 

Find a Banner

To find a banner, scan the list below for a name. The corresponding number is charted on the location map.
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Map for Honor Hazlet Heroes Display

Our Hazlet Heroes

At the Monument Circle at Veterans Park

Hazlet’s “All In, For All time” list*

  • Thomas Bailey Aumack: 87th Regiment of New York Volunteers, dies Oct. 13, 1862 from wounds suffered at Battle of Antietam 
  • Gilman McKay, Lance Corporal, USMC: 11/2/66 Viet Nam
  • Glen Bates, Lance Corporal, USMC : 11/2/67 Viet Nam
  • Dennis Cama, Specialist Four, US Army: 4/19/69 Viet Nam
  • Donald Christie, Staff Sergeant, US Army: 6/13/69 Viet Nam
  • Edward Fanning, PFC, US ARMY: 6/15/69 Viet Nam
  • Tom Kiley, US Navy, 6/3/72 Viet Nam era
  • Michael F. McGreevy, Capt. USMC 3/16/89

*Hazlet citizens who perished in the service of our country.

Displayed in Veterans Park and Swim Club

1. Thomas Carhart – Hazlet's first Purple Heart, Revolutionary War and William Henry Aumack…NJ militia (US ARMY)

2. Garret Aumack-NJ Militia and Leonard Aumack 3rd Detailed Militia (US ARMY) – War of 1812

3. Sabino “Sam” Beatrice and Sean P. Lane

4. Albert J. Sacco and Alessandro Mautone

4a. Angelo Donatiello and Anthony E. Recco

5. Bobby Bailey and David C. Thibaut

6. David Opatosky and Dominick Carinha

7.  Dominick L. Amodeo and Donald Hutson

8. James Beslanovitz and Sheryl (Ryan) Beslanovitz

9.  John H. Conti and Jonathan Leszewski

10. Jonathan Schultes and Justin T. Dalhamer

11. Kevin M. Lavan and Louis Dispenza

12. James Krause Jr. and Shawn Louis Werthwein

13. Margaret D. O’Connor and Nicholas Faro

14. Paul A. Del Stritto and Paul N. May

15. Richard F. Barney and Richard Wagner

16. Robert Robinson and Robert W. Gaughran Sr

17. Joseph J. Szutyanyi and Joseph J. Szutyanyi Jr

18. Theodore J. Dec and Thomas A. Gargan

19. Liam P. Powers and Collin M. Powers (active) US Army

20. Hank Kiley and Frank Kiley

21. Gia Marie Mazza and Frank Mazza

22. James McKay Jr. and Nicholas Polischuk

23. Russ P. Surdi Jr and James “Skip” McKay III

24. Vincent Murphy and William Bechtoldt

25. William Dennehy and William T. Eschner

26. Kevin W. Schneider and Edward Pullis -USAF and Navy

27. Devin Roman and Logan Mirkov -USAF and Army

28. Michael J. Malley and Rashaun M. Jett -Army and USMC

29. Joseph Wittmer and Luke Pesci - US Army and USMC

30. Michael Manfredi and Corey J. Saxe-USAF and Army

31. Michael C. Chiappone and Michael A. Natoli Jr.-both Army

Banners to be placed by entrance of Hazlet Swim Club

  • Thomas M. Hackett, Purple Heart
  • Vincent Solomeno III
  • Thomas Stansfield Jr.
  • William Roy Torres
  • Vincent J. Hermanns
  • Vincent Raine
  • Kevin Whalen, Active USCG
  • Ryan J. Parks
  • Howard Benedict

For More Information

For questions about the Honor Hazlet Heroes program, please contact project organizer Township Committeeman James "Skip" McKay, former Navy Seal, by using this form

Honor Hazlet Heroes banner application