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December 12, 2021

The Hazlet Township Committee is currently exploring whether Hazlet Township should offer a town-wide garbage collection service. 

Hazlet residents were invited to complete an interest survey. The survey was completed by 1,319 households, or 20.7% of residential properties, between Sept. 28 and Oct. 24, 2021. 

The Township Committee is using this feedback as part of its research. Thank you to all who participated! 

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Hazlet Township Municipal Waste Survey Results

December 2021

Municipal Garbage Collection Survey Request

The Mayor and Township Committee would like to see if there is interest in having municipal garbage collection to:

  • Save residents money by negotiating the best service, at the lowest price, with one garbage company, for a contracted period
  • Offer twice-weekly waste collection service and monthly, bulk waste pickup
  • Improve the quality of life by limiting waste collections to weekdays, after 7 am.
  • Reduce wear and tear of roads
  • Improve public safety

Survey Highlights

Residents had the opportunity to respond online or via paper. 

The online survey information and the link were posted via:

  • Township website
  • Township Facebook page
  • Hazlet Citizen Weekly Online Newsletter
  • Facebook (numerous, well-known, public Hazlet pages)

Paper copies were available at the information counter in Town Hall. The survey took 2 to 3 minutes to complete

The Municipal Waste Survey was open from September 28 to October 24, 2021 

1,319 households responded to the survey, or 20.7% of residential properties

Number of People per Household

  • 1-2 people, or 28.8 percent. 
  • 3-4 people, or 53 percent
  • 5+ people, or 18.1 percent

Age of Residents Who Participated in Survey

Ages 18 to 25: 0.3 percent
Ages 26 to 35: 11.4 percent
Ages 36 to 45: 29.2 percent
Ages 46 to 65: 43.6 percent
Ages 66 or over: 15.5 percent


Size of Garbage Container

95 Gallon - 59.1 percent
65 Gallon - 17.1 percent
32 Gallon - 4.4 percent
Unsure - 19.4 percent


Waste Generated Weekly

Percentage of Households

More than 6 bags - 28.3 percent
5-6 bags: 32.6 percent
3 to 4 bags: 30.3 percent
1 to 2 bags: 8.9 percent

How Often Garbage is Collection per Household on a Weekly Basis

Percentage of Households

One time per week - 14.5 percent
Two times per week - 85.50 percent

Satisfaction Level with Current Garbage Collector 

Very dissatisfied - 2.3 percent
Somewhat dissatisfied - 8.1 percent
Dissatisfied - 2.8 percent

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: 11.3 percent

Somewhat satisfied - 18.7 percent
Satisfied - 31.0 percent
Very satisfied - 25.6 percent

Dissatisfied: 13.2 percent
Neutral: 11.5 percent
Satisfied: 75.3 percent

Waste Management Company Currently Used

Percentage of Households

DeLisa - 7.5 percent
Republic - 37.8 percent
Solterra - 46.8 percent
Other - 7.9 percent

Municipal Garbage Collection Survey Slide: Cost Per Quarter

Cost per quarter

Up to $60 - 1.4 percent
$61 to $70 - 3.5 percent
$71 to $80 - 11.1 percent
$81 to $90 - 15.8 percent
$91 to $100 - 26.5 percent
$101 to $110 - 20.7 percent
$111 to $120 - 5.6 percent
$121 to $130 - 2.9 percent
$131 to $140 - 1.7 percent
$141 to $150 - 1.2 percent
$151 and up - 3.9 percent

Households Interested in Monthly Bulk Pickup

Percentage of Household

Yes - 89.3 percent
No - 10.7 percent

Comments Supporting Municipal Collection

Note: The majority of residents (84.7 percent) who responded to the survey supported Municipal Collection.


Yes definitely - I am up for saving some money and I think it would be more efficient if everyone had the same garbage company. 


Yes, I would love to have one garbage company servicing all of Hazlet. Especially if it offers Bulk pickup regularly in the cost. 


Yes. I live on a Cul-de-sac with 7 houses, and we have 3 different companies wearing down our road.


Absolutely. The constant price increases, missed pick ups, extra cost for bulk items, etc. are a nuisance. Most other municipalities have this negotiated and rolled up in their taxes. 


Yes! It would be much appreciated and would reduce the building traffic in town. Also, the bulk pick up is a high saver; in the past we’ve paid $150 for bulk pick up of general household items (no large furniture or anything oversized).  Municipal garbage collection will help keep our home and yards free from clutter. 


Absolutely. Bid to the market. Set the hours appropriate for collection that is safe. 


Yes. Hoping that a town-wide garbage collection would lower each homeowner’s cost for garbage removal.  As long as the quarterly price is lower than what we are currently paying. 


Absolutely. It’s long overdue to offer municipal garbage collection with monthly bulk pick up. It’s a pain having three different garbage companies come through the development almost every day of the week. The time of day doesn’t bother me since I’m up by 5:30 even on weekends; however, these local roads were not meant for so many loud and heavy trucks. Having just bought my parent’s home I was so surprised with how the garbage companies are constantly changing their rates and having to shop around every once in awhile is a hassle, especially as a new homeowner.


Yes. Let's get a set price that is affordable for all. My rates have gone up almost every bill. It may not be a lot, but they nickel and dime you until they force you to find a cheaper service. I would like bulk pickup once a month. That would be a great service. It would be nice to have one company instead of 4-5 servicing the town. Please try and make this happen. Thanks.


 Would absolutely appreciate a monthly bulk pickup and one municipal company to handle the trash at a reasonable hour. It would also help with notifications during inclement weather that pickup could be delayed.


Yes, but only if the pricing is reasonable and isn’t increased 10-20+% year over year.

Comments Against Municipal Collection

The price has to be competitive. I do not want to pay more than I am now and should be covered with the taxes we already pay.


No. My garbage, my choice! 


No, I do not believe the township should have a municipal garbage collection. It takes away from the municipality’s citizens to choose a plan that best fits them; this is not a one size fits all situation. The citizens of this town do not want to see their already high property taxes go any higher than they are. Citizens of the township deserve and have the right to choose their own garbage disposal company. Thank you.


We receive a senior rate now.  I would think a large contract should be at least as low as the senior rate. If so, this would be a great benefit to residents.  Yes, bulk pickup would be beneficial to all.  I would only be interested in this service if cans are provided / replaced free of charge and if residents are charged a flat rate and not one based on property evaluation. 


No. I am capable of negotiating my own fees. I don’t need the government involved in my garbage collection. I fear if the township takes over, I’ll have no control over what I pay. If I don't have a significant cost increase.  I pay a great rate now.  Only problem is my company skips holidays and sometimes I can go a full week without pickup, instead of coming the next day.  Bulk pickup is a great option.  Having one company pickup will also diminish the wear and tear on the roads.  But again, it all comes down to price.  I pay a decent amount now.  


No, why should people who do not need bulk pickup pay for it. It will certainly add into the price.  I like the option to negotiate with my garbage company.


My garbage cost has remained flat for many years in the current environment. I have little faith that the township can fold this into our taxes and keep the cost down. I would prefer to have competition available to negotiate price, as well as switch, if the quality-of-service drops. 


I do not believe that garbage pick up after 7 is as important as saving resident money and decreasing wear and tear on the roads.  I also do not believe that monthly bulk pick up is needed - maybe on a quarterly basis.  My concern is the final costs to the residents.  If this program is implemented and the cost is more than we are paying on average to our current providers, than it is not worth it. 


Definitely not. Ask residents of other towns how happy they are with township garbage and the answer will be not too happy. We will get sub-par service with bad attitudes for sure. Please don’t do this. 


I hope you guys are also including what the township pays currently for dumpsters if buildings have these. (First aid squad buildings, town hall, Police Department, and any other current township dumpster location).


Majority of other townships already have it included with the current taxes. How much will adding garbage collection increase my taxes? 

Next Steps:

A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be created and posted to hire a municipal waste expert

Specific, detailed, cost and services data will be collected

Stakeholder meetings will be held to offer residents the opportunity to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of moving to Municipal Waste Collection using all data available