Hazlet Recreation Summer Camp

2023 Summer Adventure
Registration opens 10 a.m. on Monday, March 20 for Hazlet Recreation Summer Adventure. 

Fees are $875 for 7 full weeks
$150 per week with a minimum 3-week enrollment of $450
Trips additional cost.
Hazlet residents only.

If you have questions, please contact the Recreation Director at 732-217-8648. 

Summer Adventure 2023
Hazlet Recreation Summer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer camp fun starts June 26 and continues weekdays through August 11 for Hazlet kids finishing grades K-8.

Camp days will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for seven weeks, rain or shine. 

Here are some questions we've been answering. 

Does my camper have to wear a swimsuit or bring it with them?
We suggest that your child wear their swimsuit under their clothes.

Is there an area for my camper to change?
Yes, we will have changing tents for the campers to change their clothes if they desire.

Do I have to put sunblock on them?
Yes, please make sure you apply sunblock to your camper before they arrive, pack the rest in their backpacks so they can apply more later.

Where do I drop off in the morning?
Parents should come in by way of Middle Road, enter onto Green Acres Drive and continue until they reach the front entrance of the Swim Club. Please do not exit your vehicle.

What time is drop off in the morning?
Drop off for camp is between 8:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Where do I pick up my camper?
Pick up will be located by the white fences in front of the playground. Your child will be brought to you, please do not exit your vehicle. Each family will have name tags (pick them up during orientation) that they will need to have on the right side of the dashboard visible for the Camp Supervisors to see.

What time is pick up?
Camp pick-up is from 4 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., if you are later than that they will go into aftercare. $10 will be charged per child after 4:15 p.m.

Do you ask to see ID?
Yes, we are still getting to know everyone and the same staff might not always be at pick-up. Please understand that this is for the safety of the child and they will not be released to anyone who is not on the pick-up list.

How do I pick my camper up early?
Please let the counselors and supervisors know that you or someone else will be picking up the camper early. We will have them ready and when you arrive you will need to go to the pick-up area, park by the white fences and call Camp Director Chris McManus at (908) 839-5014 to let us know you are here.

Is the camp going on trips this year?
Yes. Extra fees will apply and payable with registration.

If it rains where will my camper go?
Let's hope for a sunny summer, but if it does rain we will all be in the Cullen Center watching a movie or at the Swim Club recreation room, next to the Snack Bar. We will also have tents.

Do you serve lunch?
No. All campers need to bring their lunch and a snack. We do not have refrigeration here so please use an insulated/thermal bag if lunch items need to be cool. All lunches will remain in the campers' backpacks.

Can you heat up a lunch?
Sorry, we will not be able to heat up lunches so pack something accordingly.

Can my camper bring their cellphone or tablet?
Campers should not bring any electronic devices to camp, we want them to "un-plug" and have fun this summer! Should they bring these to camp, and have them out of their backpacks, they will be asked to put them away OR they will be placed in the camp office until pick up. Just a reminder that Hazlet Township is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. The camp still has land lines and if they need to speak with you we will get them access to a phone.

How often do they swim?
Campers will have swimming one time a day. However, it's summer and we will have all kinds of water games for them, and in case of extreme heat they will swim more often!

Do you have a snack bar?
Yes we do and campers will have access to this one time a day to purchase a snack item. Prices are reasonable so don't pack too much money in their backpacks.

Can my camper wear Crocs?
Please make sure that your camper is wearing sneakers, as we travel all over the park and play sports. No sandals, flip flops or Crocs.

Where is the before and after care located?
Before care drop off is at the Swim Club 7:30 a.m. and After care is located in the Cullen Center from 4 to 5 pm. 

My child doesn't know how to swim, what will you be doing to ensure their safety?
All campers will be swim tested, those that do not know how to swim will need to wear a flotation device. Our counselors will also be in the water with their groups to make sure they are within arm's reach of everyone!

What do I do if I have to drop off later than 9:30 a.m.?
Please pull up to the entrance of the Swim Club, park and call Recreation Director Chris McManus at (908) 839-5014 to let us know you are here. A staff member will come out to get the camper!

Does my camper get a T-Shirt this year?
Yes for campers going on trips.

Can my camper be with their siblings or friends in other groups?
All groups are based on the ages of the camper, their activities are all age appropriate, so if their siblings are older then they will not be able to be with them.