Animal Control

Hazlet Township has a shared service agreement with Middletown Township for animal control services. 

  • To report sick or injured animals that pose a health hazard during weekdays, please email or call the Middletown Health Department and Animal Control. They can be reached from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays at 732-615-2097.
  • For emergencies, alleged animal cruelty and neglect violations, call Hazlet Police at 732-264-6565. 

Animal control will not remove healthy wildlife from property or animals that have made their way into houses; that is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Hazlet Police will respond to pick up dogs or cats that have become separated from their owners and try to find the owners before reaching out to animal control.

Scope of Services

Services provided by Middletown Health Services during all hours.

Animal apprehension, impoundment and enforcement

  • Pick-up and removal of stray and lost domestic animals to be delivered to Hazlet, owner or shelter;
  • Address domestic and wild animals that pose an immediate danger to. the public;
  • Provide basic first aid to injured animals and transport to contracted veterinarian;
  • Assist the Hazlet Police Department with dangerous dog cases
  • Maintain records required by law and provide monthly statistics.

Rabies related cases

Address any and all suspected cases of rabid animals;

  • Provide rabies sample prep except for owned domestic animals;
  • Provide animal control officers to assist at rabies clinics if requested;
  • Provide delivery and transport of rabies samples if County Health not able to do so;

Services Not Provided

  • Pick-up of deceased animals;
  • Conducting of rabies clinics
  • Quarantines and confinements
  • Issuance of tickets or summonses
  • Licensing/registration of animals
  • Addressing nuisance wildlife issues.