Flat Creek Stream Cleaning

Flat Creek Stream Cleaning

Flat Creek Desnagging Work To Begin
Work will begin to clear and de-snag the 1.8 mile Flat Creek waterway in Hazlet Township sometime in the first or second week of November.  

The goal is to remove accumulated debris from within the waterway to improve water flow for mosquito control and reduce the potential for flooding during rainstorms.

The work will be done by Monmouth County Public Works crews with the assistance of the Monmouth County Mosquito Control Division and is expected to take several days to complete. The project was previously announced to begin early November, but the start date has since been revised to begin a week or two later.

Although a majority of the stream is behind private properties, the County will be able to access the creek via public land and rights-of-way.

“This is the first step in the process of addressing the flooding issues within the Flat Creek area," said Mayor Michael Sachs. "I would like to thank our Engineer and Monmouth County for working together on this project for Hazlet Township. Once this process is complete, we will then be able to survey the area to determine the next course of action.”

The 1,115-acre Flat Creek Watershed extends southerly from Route 36 in Hazlet to nearly the Garden State Parkway in Holmdel. 

A report commissioned by the Township Committee in March 2022 identified several major areas as concern along the waterway in need of stream cleaning.