Floodplain Protection

Keansburg Flood Gate

The Keansburg Flood Gate is situated where Thornes and Waackaack Creeks meet. 
View from the Point Comfort Marina on Thornes Creek in the West Keansburg section of Hazlet Township, June 2023.

Coastal Protection

The Office of Coastal Engineering is responsible for the operation and maintenance of three storm risk reduction projects along the Raritan Bay in our area. You can read more about these projects on the NJ DEP website.  


Floodgate at the Waackaack/Thornes Creek. Phase 2 work was completed in 1973.

Port Monmouth, Middletown:

 Multi-contract project slated for 2025 completion. Includes ongoing beach fill and T-floodwall, three road closure gates bulkhead, levee, tide gate and pump station facility at Pews Creek, sluice gate, pump station, interior drainage and road raising.

Union Beach:

Multi-contract project slated for completion in 2027. Includes beach fill, dunes, 2 groins, an outfall; also 3 pump stations, levee, T-floodwall, a road closure gate, interior drainage and road raising.