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By Bob Michaels of Hazlet, a Master Gardener certified by Rutgers through the Monmouth County Master Gardener program. 
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Aug 31

Harvest Cool Weather Veggies in as Little as 25 Days

Posted on August 31, 2020 at 4:07 PM by the author

Cool-Gardening-3My favorites are  French breakfast radishes (25 days to harvest), Rocket Arugula (35 days to harvest) and Red Dragon Arugula (45 days to harvest).

I have success growing these fall vegetables in a reservoir grow box which keeps the moisture level consistent, supplying the right mix of air and water. The radishes shown sprouting in my photo were sown on Friday, Aug 28, three days ago. You can begin to see the planting rows emerge. First harvest should be by September 22 and continue for a couple of weeks.

I find it easy to sow and care for in a reservoir type planter, but they are also easy to grow and delicious out of your garden. 


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