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By Bob Michaels of Hazlet, a Master Gardener certified by Rutgers through the Monmouth County Master Gardener program. 
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Oct 05

On Month Later: Harvesting the Radishes

Posted on October 5, 2020 at 9:41 AM by the author

Gardening-P1020090Above: Only one week after planting, on Sept. 4 you can see that it was time to thin the crop. Left that tightly packed they would have no room to develop. I also had to add some squirrel, raccoon, groundhog, fox protection fencing (They're all nocturnal visitors to my deck)  which was easy and cheap to do with green snow fencing and plastic zip ties from the Hazlet Home Depot.

Gardening-P1020091Above: Thirty days after planting and eight days later than expected, on October 1, I harvested my first crop as shown. Expect to harvest for a few more weeks.

Gardening-Three-P1020093The Harvest: Different in appearance and taste from the usual radish, they are not as hot, but definitely tastier.  No, they won't feed a family of four, but in a salad or as a snack they're great, as well as fun to watch them develop in your container or garden.

I will probably repeat in early spring and will keep you posted, hope you try them.

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