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Clean Communities Mini-Grant Application

  1. NJ Clean Communities Council
  2. Hazlet Township Clean Communities

    Participate in a Clean-up Event

  3. Make an Impact!

    We're excited you want to make a difference in Hazlet!. Please fill out this interest form and we will reach out to you for upcoming opportunities. 
    Hazlet Township Clean Communities is focused on cleaning litter on public property. Equipment such as vests, gloves, grabbers and bags are provided. We welcome all volunteers and community groups, but only nonprofit organizations may receive grants. 

    Sign up for a cleanup opportunity. We have a calendar of opportunities on the Clean Communities page. This is what your nonprofit can earn:

    • 10 participants (min.) - $125
    • 15 participants - $200
    • 20 participants - $250
    • 25 participants - $325
    • 30 participants - $400
    • 40 participants - $500 (max.)

    Nonprofits may earn up to $500 each calendar year. Payment is by check and may take about 4 weeks. 

  4. Thank you!

    Submit this form I will be in touch!  - Christina Johnson, Clean Communities Coordinator

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