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Hazlet Pops Jazz Band

  1. Hazlet Pops Jazz Band 1800 x900
  2. Hazlet Pops Jazz Band

    Director Carmine Fiumano
    Remind 81010 @hazletpopsjazz

    The Hazlet Pops Jazz Band will begin rehearsals in November and be performing local community events. We are looking for talented musicians of any instrument who can read sheet music and lead sheet notation (via your own personal Real Book 6th Edition). No purchase necessary, just come with a copy of the Real Book 6th edition. All are welcome!

    Auditions must be held for following instruments: 

    Bass Guitar
    Drum set

    Practices will be on Tuesdays 6pm- 8pm and performance dates are TBD

    Please complete the registration form by October 31, 2021. 

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