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Municipal Garbage Collection Survey

  1. Municipal Garbage Collection Survey

    Hazlet Township’s governing body would like to determine the level of interest in having municipal garbage collection.

    The goals would be to:

    1. Save residents money by negotiating the best service at the lowest price, with one garbage company, for a contracted period.
    2. Offer twice-weekly waste collection service and monthly bulk waste pickup.
    3. Improve quality of life by limiting waste collections to weekdays, after 7am.
    4. Decrease the wear and tear of roads and improve public safety.

    The Mayor & Township Committee request that residents complete a brief survey to provide information on their current waste collection provider / services and offer opinions on whether they would be interested in moving to municipal garbage collection. Only one survey should be submitted per household.

    The survey can be completed online on our township website, or in-person (a paper survey can be picked up at the information booth in Town Hall, or in-person at our October 2, Hazlet Day event). 

    Thank you in advance for your participation and timely response.

    This survey will end on October 22, 2021.

  3. This survey is intended for residents. Are you a Hazlet resident?
  4. Please enter your street address:

    House/Apt Number, then Street name

  5. Your age:
  6. Do you own or rent your residence?
  7. Living in your home there are:
  8. On average, how much waste does your household generate WEEKLY? (A standard 95-gallon container holds 4 - 5 regular garbage bags).
  9. What size garbage container do you currently have?
  10. How often is your garbage collected on a weekly basis?

  12. Which waste management company currently collects your garbage?
  13. How satisfied are you with services provided by your current garbage collector?
  14. Would you be interested in monthly bulk pickup?

  16. Thank you for completing our survey!
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